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  • Attend 4 professional development workshops each year delivered by leading coaches, strength and conditioning experts, and leading tennis business operators.

  • The opportunity to come together an extra 4 times each year for coach catch ups) to share ideas, discuss problems, solve issues and create opportunities for fellow PTCA members to build a strong community built on trust and support.

  • Access to the members only Facebook page and You Tube channel that will be populated with suggestions, coaching videos, news and group feedback on the tennis landscape.

  • Opportunities for group buying discounts on balls, racquets, branded coaching apparel.

  • 4 times each year the PTCN will offer members only.

  • Green and yellow ball round robin tournaments for their students who play competition but not yet ready to play AR events

  • Red and orange ball team challenge days between coaching schools with the emphasis on fun, learning, co-operation in a team v team format.

  • Coach success and wellbeing referrals and advice for emotional – mental – physical – legal – financial health of all our members.

  • There is no charge to be a part of a community and network with only one goal, support fellow coaches, their students, their families, their clubs and by so doing grow our sport together and make a difference.


Send us your request and we will see what we can do if you are not invited to referred.Please complete the relevant questions mentioned in the contact form.

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